LBGTQ+ Event on the White house Lawn.

Prayer was removed from public buildings because it was opposed to be unconstitutional. However, an LBGGTQ+ event is ok. The President attended and spoke at this event. It was celebrated in the news. How can homosexually be celebrated at the White House by our President and Prayer be unlawful because it is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month

Let’s call it what it really is Sinner’s Pride Month.

Notice that the NBGTQ+ flag is being flown at the same height as the American flags. I know that and American flag is flow above on the top of the White House, but it is an insult to our flag.

If you believe in God, take a stand before it is too late. How can God bless our Country when we have turned our back on Him?

Vote for Godly candidates. Don’t vote party.

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