About AGM

Make America GODLY Again!

Almighty God Matters main goal is to bring God back to each person individually and to our Country in general. Your comments are appreciated and will be posted as soon as they are approved.

We hope to get individuals involved in bring God back into their lives. You need to get involved in your church, attend events,  vote for Godly candidates. How can we expect God to bless us if we turn our backs on Him.

Our plan is to ask individuals to help us get churches to get involved in politics. The churches would vet candidates or ask them to use the AGM questionnaire to get an AGM endorsement. Once the candidate receives the AGM endorsement, the candidate will be listed on the AGM web site.

Then the churches will ask their congregation to pray for the candidates that are elected. The churches can even ask the congregation to vote for the AGM candidates.

Then the congregation will hopefully vote their faith and not their party, Godly candidates will be elected. With Godly legislators in control, we can make America Godly again.

If you would like to make a post on this site, write up the post and email it to us for approval.

Make America GODLY Again!.

Almighty God Matters!

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