The AGM Plan For Electing Godly Candidates.

The first step is to find a Chairperson in each state to administer the AGM Plan. The State Chairperson would email the AGM vetting questionnaire to all the candidates and then forward the a list of endorsed candidate to the AGM headquarters to be listed on the AGM site.

The State Chairperson would work with the endorsed candidates to find at least 10 volunteers to make phone calls until each of these first volunteer have found 5 candidates to make 20 phone calls.

These next volunteers would be given a script and 20 phone numbers to call. Here is a sample script.

Hopefully, with prayer and perseverance, we would obtain enough volunteers to call all the voters in all of the candidates district.

In addition to finding volunteers, we would ask non -volunteers for a donation of $20 to help finance the campaign.

We will also try to distribute flyers containing info about the candidates that AGM endorses. Our efforts depend in what is allowed do to the Covid-19 problem.

Of course, we will also use emails to announce the candidates that AGM endorses.

With prayer and God’s help, Godly people will vote their faith instead of their party and our candidates would win.

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