Sample AGM Phone Script

Hello, my name is xxxx and I am representing Almighty God Matters. AGM is an organization that endorses and supports Godly candidates. All endorsed candidates are vetted cthoroughly.

Do you believe in God? (If no, thank them for their time and give them the URL if they want more information.)

Would you vote fro your faith instead of your political party to help save America?

(if no) Do you think that God would support a candidate who wants prayer out of the schools, favors abortion, doesn’t support the Constitution, or supports gay marriage?

You know that marriage is a religious institution. Until the 1800s the government was not involved it the marriage ceremony.

We need Godly candidates who will but God first and support the Constitution.

You are fortunate to have Godly candidates in your area that you help get elected with your vote and your support.

The candidate (candidates) is (are) (list candidates))You will be given the list)

Would you be willing to support a these candidates by calling 20 registered voters and asking for their support using this message or would you be willing to donate $20 to help get them elected.

(if yes on calling) You will receive the script and the phone numbers by email. What is your email address?

(if donation) Refer them to the donation page or get their email to send them the donation infomation.

Thank you for your time and support.

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