Help Your Child Achieve the American Dream.

We have a crisis at our border because thousands of people want to enter our Country to achieve the American dream. Yet, our children who are citizens may no be able to live the American dream.

As the news programs, entertainment industry, and our schools are changing history and are reprograming our children, the American Dream is dying. Americans will no longer be able to improve their financial and social standing.

We will become a nation of renters who are living from week to week. America is becoming a socialistic oligarchy.

To educate our children about our Republic, Capitalism, and our God-given rights, we, as parents, must spend time with our kids. We must take the time to teach them about our history and their rights.

One way would be to take 10 mixtures at least once a week to watch a PragerU 5 minute video. After watching the video, spend a few minutes discussing the topic of the video.

Here are a few links to videos you may like to use.

What I can teach you about racism.

How socialism ruined my country.

The government isn’t supposed to fix your life.

Cops are the good guys.

Calling people racist isn’t new.

Capitalism versus socialism.

Start this week to use these videos to teach you children about our Country. Teach them what is necessary to achieve the American dream.

It would also be helpful to support TragerU continue to provide these videos by donating to them.

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